How to Speedrun: Maupiti Island (Amiga)

Speedrun Guide to complete Mauptit Island Any% for the Amiga (1990, Lankhor).


Any% Speedrun Guide

1: We start our journey on a ship, our next stop will be at Maguys.
2: After we arrive at Maguys House we go into the right hand second room on the first floor.

3: We take a look at the aquarium (Search) and grab the stone.

4: Next, we go up to the Room with the Piano and take the cord (left).

5: Now it’s time to sleep, so we go back to our room on the ship to snooze for a while.

6: We will sleep until 2:40AM, only then can we find the next clue. Of course we can just wait until 2:40AM but this is dangerous, because the longer we wait the greater the risk that we get knocked out by somebody which can result in game over. So if you take risks you can wait, if not then go to bed where you are safe.
7: After taking our nap we go to Juste’s house and then to the north beach.
8: At the north beach we will find a medallion, if we take a look (search) at the small rock in the centre of the screen.
9: Now we need to open the Medallion, in order to do this we have to press the pins in a certain order (154236)

10: If the combination was correct, the medal-lion will transform into a key which we will need later (Take).
11: Next stop is the Well, where we have to put the stone into the small hole and also tie the cord to the tree.

12: Now we wait a little bit until 4:00AM so we won’t drown in the well.
13: On the ground we presss the stone and we can then go further into the underground passage.

14: The next puzzle has to be solved in the following order:

a) Empty bowl 2 (Turn)
b) Take bowl 1 and put the water into bowl 2 (Put)
c) The now empty bowl A has to be put on the left pedestal (A)
d) We empty bowl 2 again (Turn)
e) Put the water from bowl 5 into bowl 2 (Put)
f) Empty bowl 2 again (Turn)
g) Again put the water from bowl 5 into bowl 2 (Put)
h) Empty bowl 2 again (Turn)
i) Put the water from bowl 5 into bowl 2 (Put)
j) Put bowl 5 back again
k) Put bowl 2 on the right pedestal (B)
15: Take the medallion and put it on the metal ring underneath the lion’s head
16: Our last action is to turn the metal ring (Turn) and if we did everything correctly a new passage will open
17: We are not finished yet, as a bunch of questions still have to be answered correctly.


A revolutionary (4)
Sue (2)
Anita (3)
Nobody (13)
Marie (4)
Arms traffic (4)
Asmera (1)
Roy (7)
A wig (4)
Lucie (5)
She‘s dead (3)
Other (5)
Chris (8)
Trees (1)
Roy (7)
A book (4)
Decode a message (5)
The piano (4)
The wind (2)

18: If we didn’t make any mistakes we finished it and can now enjoy the outstanding end sequence.

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