How to Speedrun: Ghostbusters (C64)

Speedrun Guide for Ghostbusters on the C64. Full game walkthrough to solve the game in a decent time.

Speedrun Any%

Our goal is to get 10.000$ in order to get access to the final Zuul building, so thats why we pick the cheapest car for 2000$

On the first equipment screen we buy the PK Enery Detector to get hints for what building we be haunted by ghosts (flashes purple if you drive by, becomes red later on)

On the second screen we get the Ghost Bait so we prevent the Marshmallow catastrophe. The Mayor will reward us with 2000$. We also buy one ghost trap.

We are now on the city screen, as soon as a building flashes red we drive there on the shortest path possible. The longer the path is we take, the longer we drive an this will cost a lot of valueable seconds.

As soon as we arrive at the scene we position our men and activate the trap. We get slimed and also 300 point will be added to the PK Energy Meter. With this strategy we can fill up the PK-Enery Meter way faster then with just waiting.

The PK Energy Meter will grow very slow at the beginning of the game, so we drive to every emergency call. The yellow ghosts will become faster and faster over time and if the Enery Meter get above 5000 there is always the chance the Marshmallow will appear.

We only need 4000$ to win, so we need to prevent the Marshmallow catastrophe only twice. So as soon as you spot the Marshmallow Alert Press ‘B’ to use the Ghost Bait.

You really need to be fast, if you fail the Marshmallow will destroy a building and you can reset the run. If you perfom it successfully you the reward of 2000$. Prevent it again and you have enough money to enter the Zuul building

As soon as the PK Energy Meter reaches 10.000 the Key Master,the Lock Master and the yellow ghosts will go to the Zuul building. Drive to the buidling and get ready for the final fight.

Now we are athe final boss. We need to get 2 of our men into the building. So we have to pass by the Marshmallow. Go as near as possible the the darg grey line, then wait until the Marshmallow is about to jump. Now you move your man super fast into the building. Its very tricky and you only have a small time window to not get crushed. If you lose 2 men the run is over and you can reset the game.

If we sneak past the Marshmallow with 2 men we trigger the fina cutscene in which we close the evil portal and save humankind again. GG!

Short Version

Buy Compact Car (Option 1)
Buy PK Energy Detector
Buy Ghost Bait
Buy Ghost Trap
Drive to red flashing houses
Let ghosts slime you
Press ‘B’ to prevent the Marshmallow catastrophe (2x)
Drive to the Zuul Building (PK=10000 Money= >10000$)
Sneak past the Marshmallow with two men

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