Unique Items

CR7000 Bust

This 3D-printed bust was a gift from one of my best friends, the bust traveled a long way and visited many places before it reached its current location. During its journey it was
mistakenly run over by a car and never fully recovered from this horrible accident .

(June 2017)

My old car (Golf III Bon Jovi Edition)

Every car becomes unique in its own messy way, so this was how my car was looking like.
I owned this car from July 2011 until Oktober 2015 and drove nearly 90.000 km with it to god knows how many different locations. It was an awesome and most of the time reliable car.
The images are from 2013 when the car was in its prime 🙂

(August 2013)
(September 2013)
(September 2013)